Publications and Accolades

Name Publication or Accolade Publication Name or Award Sponsor
Amy Popillion Spring 2020 Innovative Teaching Award Iowa State University
J. Gordon Arbuckle $10 million grant, Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises (C-CHANGE) U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute for Food and Agriculture
Shannon Harper Testing the Systemic Model of Social Disorganization Theory in South Korean Neighborhoods: A Latent Class Growth Analysis Approach to Specifying Pathways to Homicide Homicide Studies
Shannon Harper Anti-Asian Hate Crime During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Exploring the Reproduction of Inequality American Journal of Criminal Justice
Shannon Harper Assessing Cross-national Differences in Police Officers' Domestic Violence Attitudes Policing: An International Journal
J. Gordon Arbuckle Multiple accolades Soil and Water Conservation Society
David Peters Community Susceptibility and Resiliency to COVID-19 Across the Rural-Urban Continuum in the United States Rural Health
Jacob Erickson Graduate College Research Excellence Award Iowa State University
Matthew DeLisi, Andrew Hochstetler Exemplary Faculty Mentor Award Iowa State University Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost
Barry Thomas Graduate College Teaching Excellence Award Iowa State University
Abdi Kusow LAS International Service Award Iowa State College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Gloria Jones-Johnson Iowa State College of Liberal Arts and Sciences LAS Institutional Service Award
Dan Krier Capital in the Mirror:  Critical Social Theory and the Aesthetic Dimension New York Press
Sonja Lindberg Student representative Rural Sociological Society
Monic Behnken Award for Inclusive Excellence Iowa State University
Matthew DeLisi 2020 McNair Faculty Mentor of the Year Iowa State College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Matthew DeLisi Iowa State University Distinguished Professor Iowa State University
Shawn Dorius ISU Day at the Capitol Data Science for the Public Good
Shawn Dorius $260,000 grant Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Shannon Harper Featured faculty member U.S. Latino/a Studies Program
Matthew DeLisi Oral History Criminology Project
Shawn Dorius American Attitudes Towards the China-U.S. Trade War Center for Contemporary China at Princeton University
Monic Behnken An Intersectional Perspective on Community Leadership Iowa Women's Summit
Chris Morris Brown Graduate Fellowship Iowa State's Office of the Vice President for Research
Susan Stewart Iowa state director Midwest Sociological Society
Alissa Stoehr The Status of Women’s and Gender Studies at Community Colleges Theory and Praxis: Women’s and Gender Studies at Community Colleges
Daniel Butler Understanding How In-prison Experiences Influence Female Offenders' Maladjustment to Prison Justice Quarterly
Monic Behnken Iowa K-12 STEM Recommendations Governor's STEM Advisory Council
Monic Behnken Discussion of "Just Mercy" Ames Public Library
Monic Behnken Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant GAINS Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Transformation
Shawn Dorius $1 Million Grant Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Shawn Dorius Substance Use Among Iowa Families: What We Learned About Child Removals Iowa Department of Human Services
Shannon Harper Outstanding Dissertation Award Graduate College and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Ilma Jahic Graduate College Teaching Excellence Award Iowa State University
David Peters Trends in Rural Opioid Overdose Deaths Rural Sociology
Daniel Krier Shakespeare's Plays of Deranged Authority: The King's Three Bodies Fast Capitalism
Shawn Dorius Promotion of the creation of a data-savvy and community-aware workforce United States Department of Agriculture
Shawn Dorius Design Thinking for Policy Development Workshop Iowa Department of Public Health
Daniel Krier Critical Social Theory, Capital and the Fetishized Veil of Ignorance Historical Materialism Annual Conference
Taea Bonner Chaotic Homes, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Serious Delinquency: Differential Effects by Race and Ethnicity Justice Quarterly
Jacob Erickson Meth Cooking as a Job: Identity and Dirty Work Justice Quarterly
David Peters Understanding Opioid Resiliency and Vulnerability in Rural and Micropolitan Communities North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International Conference
David Peters Community Resiliency in Declining Small Towns: Impact of Population on Quality of Life over 20 Years Rural Sociology
Monic Behnken 2019 recipient of The Way Up Recognition Award The Way Up
Maggie Norton Water Scarcity in a Water-rich State: Northwest Iowa's Groundwater Challenges and the Potential for Collaborative Governance 2019 Soil and Water Conservation Society Conference
J. Arbuckle Adoption of Agricultural Conservation Practices in the United States: Evidence from 35 Years of Quantitative Literature Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
Shawn Dorius Developmental Idealism in Internet Search Data Sociology of Development
Michael Goebel LAS Award for Early Achievement in Teaching ISU College of Library Arts and Sciences
Cornelia Flora 2019 Richard P. Haynes Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award in Agriculture, Food and Human Value Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society
Daniel Butler An Examination of Inmate Adjustment Stratified by Time Served in Prison Journal of Criminal Justice
Susan Stewart Multicultural Stepfamilies Cognella
Shawn Dorius Attitudes Toward China Project: A Social Scientific Approach Princeton University
Ann Oberhauser Inclusion Initiative Grant Iowa State Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Matt DeLisi Homicidal Ideation and Forensic Psychopathology: Evidence From the 2016 Nationwide Emergency Department Sample Journal of Forensic Sciences
Daniel Butler "An Examination of the Influence of Exposure to Disciplinary Segregation on Recidivism Crime & Delinquency Journal
Jeff Bouffard Time-Series Analyses of the Impact of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Law Implementation and Subsequent Modifications on Rates of Sexual Offenses Crime & Delinquency Journal
J. Gordon Arbuckle William R. Freudenburg Award of Merit Rural Sociological Society National Resource Research and Interest Group
Matt DeLisi, Mark Ruelas and James Kruse Who will kill again? The forensic value of 1st degree murder convictions Forensic Science International: Synergy
Monic Behnken National Topic Chair Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting
Ann Oberhauser Community engagement in feminist participatory research methods Women and Gender in International Development Conference
Monic Behnken Attendee Iowa Network for Women in Higher Education Women's Leadership Conference
Monic Behnken 2019-2020 Emerging Leaders Academy Iowa State University
Betty Dobratz Power, Politics, and Society: An Introduction to Political Sociology Routledge
Ann Oberhauser Visiting Professor University of Gothenburg
Paul Lasley Distinguished Service Award Iowa Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
David Schweingruber and David Wahl Whither the Internal Conversation? Symbolic Interaction
Robert Mazur and Cornelia Flora Social capital dimensions in household food security interventions: Implications for rural Uganda Agriculture and Human Values
Robert Mazur Limiting Nutrients for Bean Production on Contrasting Soils of Lake Victoria Crescent of Uganda African Crop Science Journal
Robert Mazur Determinants of seasonal food security among smallholder farmers in south‑central Uganda Agriculture & Food Security
Robert Mazur and Isaac Christiansen Accessibility and Health: An International Analysis of Government Expenditure, Socioeconomic Development and Infant Mortality Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis
Jacob Erickson, Andy Hochstetler and Shawn Dorius Code in Transition? The Evolution of Code of the Street Adherence in Adolescence Deviant Behavior
Lois Wright Morton Securing the Nation’s Infrastructure: The Ohio River Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
Susan Stewart Keynote Speaker Old Bonds, New Ties: Understanding Family Transitions in Re-partnerships, Remarriages and Stepfamilies in Asia
Mark Heirigs and Matt DeLisi Psychopathy and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Revisited: Results From a Statewide Population of Institutionalized Youth International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology
Matt DeLisi, Andrew Hochstetler, Mark Heirigs, Jacob Erickson and Ramate Bunga The Past Is Prologue: Criminal Specialization Continuity in the Delinquent Career Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice
J Arbuckle Panelist National Academy of Sciences
Jacob Erickson Extra Yard for Teachers Iowa State University
Matt DeLisi Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Professorship College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Lois Wright Morton Polders, dikes, canals, rice, and aquaculture in the Mekong Delta Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
Monic Behnken Injury and psychiatric disorder in low-income women experiencing bidirectional intimate partner violence Violence and Victims
J. Arbuckle $348,422 grant Iowa Nutrient Research Center
J. Arbuckle JSWC Best Research Paper for Impact and Quality Award Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
Ann Oberhauser and Susan Stewart Institutional Service Award and Diversity award Iowa State College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Steven Beeman Graduate College Research Excellence Award Iowa State University
Camron Devor and Susan Stewart Parental Divorce, Social Capital, and Postbaccalaurate Educational Attainment Among Young Adults Journal of Family Issues
Monic Behnken and Daniel Krier Department Promotions Iowa State Department of Sociology
Gabrielle Roesch-McNally Crop Diversity: A Nice Thing If You Can Get It (and You Can Get It If You Try) Union of Concerned Scientists
Matt DeLisi and Alan Drury Federal Criminal Careers: an Empirical Examination of the Post-Conviction Risk Assessment (PCRA) American Journal of Criminal Justice