Sociology Program

Sociology has a long and proud history at Iowa State University. One of the first courses on the subject offered in the United States was taught at Iowa State in 1880. Since then the department has grown into one of the nation's largest and most prestigious departments.

A major in sociology can serve as a preparation for you for various positions in the human service and related occupations in business and industry; as background for professional education in such areas as social work, law and theology; or as a basis for graduate professional training as a sociologist in academic, government, business or industrial settings.

As a sociology major, you will understand and demonstrate a general knowledge of sociology; research methods in sociology; critical thinking skills; application of sociology to pressing social issues; sociological and professional values; information technology; communication skills; and personal and career development.

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Many of our majors also choose to double major in criminal justice studies giving you an opportunity to learn about the components of the criminal and juvenile justice systems.