Dr. Shawn Dorius

Associate Professor [SOC]


Office:103 East Hall
510 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA

Topics of interest: demography, methods, stratfication


Research and Teaching Interests:

Demography: World Culture; Development; Cohorts
Stratification: Inequality; Nationality; Gender
Methods: International Surveys; Measurement; Secondary Data

Recent Publications:

Thornton, Arland, Shawn F. Dorius, and Jeffrey Swindle (2015). “Developmental Idealism: The Cultural Foundations of World Development Programs,” Sociology of Development, (1)2: 227-320.

Dorius, Shawn F. (2013). “The Rise and Fall of Worldwide Education Inequality from 1870-2010: Measurement and Trends,” Sociology of Education, 86(2): 158-173.

Dorius, Shawn F. and Glenn Firebaugh (2010), “Trends in Global Gender Inequality,” Social Forces,88(5): 1941-1968.

Dorius, Shawn F. (2008), “Global Demographic Convergence? A Reconsideration of Changing Intercountry Inequality in Fertility,” Population and Development Review, 34(2): 519-537.

Working Papers:

Cohort Replacement and the Global Diffusion of Gender Beliefs

Status Mobility in the Modern World System from 1880-2010: New Data, Measures, and Insights

The Spirit of Capitalism, Industrialization, and National Income

Islamic Views of the Interrelationships between Development and Personal Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights

Institutional Returns to Higher Education

Data Collection:

"Measuring Developmental Hierarchies using Wiki Surveys"