Dr. Ann Oberhauser

Dept: Sociology - LAS
Office:217B East Hall
Vita:Dr. Ann Oberhauser CV
Topics of interest: Critical development studies, Feminist Methodology, Gender and globalization

Dr. Ann Oberhauser joined Iowa State University as Professor of Sociology and Director of Women's and Gender Studies in 2015. Her work focuses on gender and development with an emphasis on rural economic strategies and microfinance. Much of her research takes place in Appalachia and southern Africa. She co-edited a book with Johnston-Anumonwo, Global Perspectives on Gender and Space, and has published numerous articles and chapters in major social science journals and books.

Another area of Dr. Oberhauser's research examines the use of social media among college students. This work was conducted with colleagues in psychology and communication studies and analyzes how computer-mediated communication (CMT) impacts students' attachment to family and friends.

Her teaching specialties include feminist theory and research, gender and globalization, development studies, and gender and work. She also participated in a faculty-led program on gender and sustainable development in Tanzania this summer with the global service learning group Amizade.

Dr. Oberhauser is excited to get to know faculty colleagues and students in both Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies at Iowa State University. She has deep roots in Iowa where several of her grandparents lived and attended universities in the early 1900s.