Dr. Ann M. Oberhauser

Professor [SOC S]
Dept:Sociology - LAS
Office:217b East Hall
510 Farm House Ln
Ames IA
Vita:Dr. Ann M. Oberhauser CV
Topics of interest: Critical development studies, Feminist Methodology, Gender and globalization

Dr. Ann Oberhauser joined Iowa State University as Director of Women’s and Gender Studies and Professor of Sociology in 2015. Her research focuses on feminist economic geography, gender and globalization, and critical development studies with an emphasis on rural economic strategies in Appalachia, sub-Saharan Africa, and more recently Iowa. Her co-authored book, Feminist Spaces: Gender and Geography in a Global Context, was recently published by Routledge.

Oberhauser's scholarship draws heavily from feminist qualitative research and fieldwork that engages with community-based networks and women’s roles in rural development in the global South and global North. She has also engaged with critical pedagogy in her teaching and research. This scholarship and praxis explores the effectiveness of experiential learning or Global Service Learning (GSL) in programs she has led to Tanzania in particular. Read more about this work in her article with Rita Daniels. This research informs the 2018 GSL program she is leading to Moshi, Tanzania with Kaya Volunteer and Responsible Travel.

Her teaching specialties include feminist theory and research, gender and globalization, development studies, and gender and work. These graduate and undergraduate courses are offered in Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies at Iowa State.

Ann is excited to get to know faculty colleagues and students in both Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies at Iowa State University. She has deep roots in Iowa where several of her grandparents lived and attended universities in the early 1900s.