Sociology Faculty and TA Office Hours

Fall 2019

NameOffice AddressOffice Hours
Carmen Bain320 East HallT R 3:00-4:00; and by appointment*
Ramesh Balayar120 East HallR 9:30-11:30 & 3:00-5:00; and by appointment
Monic Behnken203C East HallContact by email for appointment*
Jeff Bouffard204 East HallM T R 9:00-9:50; and by appointment*
Jeff Brinkley120 East HallContact by email for FaceTime or Skype appt*
Kyle Burgason216 East HallT R 11:00-12:20; and by appointment*
Deborah Burns409B East HallM 11:30-2:30; and by appointment*
Daniel Butler304 East HallM W 10:00-11:30; and by appointment*
Matt DeLisi203A East HallM 9:00-12:00; and by appointment*
Betty Dobratz218 East HallT R 10:50-11:20 & 3:30-4:00; and by appointment
Shawn Dorius317C East HallM W 2:00-3:00; and by appointment*
Alan Drury120 East HallContact for appointment*
Jacob Erickson418 East HallT W 11:00-1:00; and by appointment*
Lijing Gao419A East HallW 1:00-3:00; and by appointment
Mike Goebel332 CarverW F 2:00-3:00; and by appointment
Arne HallamCatt HallW 11:00-12 & 2:00-3:00; R F 11:00-12:00*
Shannon Harper316 East HallM W 12:00-3:00; and by appointment
Mark Heirigs418 East HallContact for appointment*
Ilma Jahic409A East HallT 11:00-12:00; and by appointment*
Gloria Jones-Johnson202 East HallT R 1:00-3:00; and by appointment
Dan Krier4 East HallT R 12:30-2:00; and by appointment*
Abdi Kusow220 East HallContact for appointment*
Paul Lasley312 East HallM T W R by appointment
Ann Oberhauser217B East HallM 1:00-3:00; R 12:00-2:00; and by appointment*
Amy Popillion1091 LeBaronT R 9:30-10:45 & 2:00-3:00; Contact for appt
Rick Reger120 East HallT R 8:00-9:15; and by appointment
David Schweingruber318 East HallContact by email for appointment
Susan Stewart102 East HallTR 11:00-12:00; and by appointment*
Barry Thomas419A East HallContact by email for appointment
Betty Wells303 East HallM W 2:00-3:00; and by appointment*

* Do Not Contact at Home