Sociology Faculty and TA Office Hours

Fall 2020

NameEmail AddressOffice Hours
Ramesh Balayarrbalayar@iastate.eduR 9:30-11:30; and by appointment
Monic Behnkenmbehnken@iastate.eduM 12:00-1:00; and by appointment*
Jeff Bouffardjab088@iastate.eduM 10:00-11:00; T R 9:00-9:50; and by appointment*
Leana Bouffardlab17@iastate.eduM 1:00-2:00; R 9:00-10:00; and by appointment*
Jeff Brinkleybrink864@iastate.eduM 3:30-5; and by appointment*
Kyle Burgasonburgason@iastate.eduM W 12:00-1:30; and by appointment*
Matt DeLisidelisi@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment*
Betty Dobratzbdobratz@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment
Alan Druryajd344@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment*
Arne Hallamahallam@iastate.eduT R 11:00-1:00; and by appointment*
Shannon Harpersharper@iastate.eduT R 1:00-3:00; and by appointment
Andy Hochstetlerhochstet@iastate.eduT R 10:00-11:00; and by appointment
Ilma Jahicilmaj@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment*
Gloria Jones-Johnsongjj@iastate.eduT R 2:30-4:30; and by appointment*
Dan Krierkrier@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment*
Abdi Kusowkusow@iastate.eduContact for by email appointment*
Ann Oberhauserannober@iastate.eduM 1:00-3:00; R 12:00-2:00; and by appointment*
Dave Petersdpeters@iastate.eduW 10:00-12:00; and by appointment*
Amy Popillionhiamy@iastate.eduM 1:00-2:00; R 11:00-12:00; and by appointment
Rick Regerrreger@iastate.eduT R 11:00-12:00; and by appointment
Mark Ruelasmaruelas@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment
David; soc134@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment
Alex Slemakerslemaker@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment*
Susan Stewartstewarts@iastate.eduM W 2:00-3:00; and by appointment*
Barry Thomasbmthomas@iastate.eduContact by email for appointment

* Do Not Contact at Home